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LASERED - Brain & Focus Booster (Capsules)

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Allow us to introduce you to our SUPERCHARGED BRAIN VITAMIN.

Lasered comes in capsule form, just like a vitamin. No caffeine or B12.

With all natural ingredients, this healthy formula is designed to boost brain power to uncharted levels of focus. LASERED is the perfect addition to take just 15 minutes before you sit down at your sweet gaming setup to fry some kids.

A lot of our customers tell us they take it midday for an extra boost and can feel the surge of focus within 10-15 minutes.

LASERED itself is a non-stimulant, meaning it doesn't have caffeine or B12 in it, which makes it perfect to STACK WITH DEMON MODE which does have caffeine and B12.

Together LASERED + DEMON MODE become the ultimate combination to give you unbeatable energy and focus for HOURS.

But even if you take LASERED by itself, you'll notice:

  • The difference in mental clarity
  • How much faster your reflexes are
  • How much more information you remember in game
  • And how much better you'll be than your competitors. :)

Just make sure you don't shoot laser beams through your monitor.

Don't let the aggressive branding let you think otherwise. Fervently researched using the latest scientific breakthroughs in biohacking and supplement technology, each of our products is an experience like no other, allowing gamers to unlock their highest potential and improve their health alongside their performance.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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